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Company brief portrait of WICARI Global Distribution

About us

Wicari Global Distribution Inc.

Founded in 2018, Wicari Global Distribution Inc. has been committed to bridging the gap between under-utilized suppliers and prospective buyers. Through cultivating relationships both domestic and abroad, Wicari is fostering a community where suppliers, both small and large, are able to offer their products to the world.

Our Values
  • Wicari believes the increasing demand for affordable, trustworthy products should equally demand the development of more equitable supply chains. By sourcing from a large pool of smaller suppliers, Wicari ensures affordability and equitable distribution and access to business opportunities.
  • As part of our CSR Wicari uses a portion of sales revenue towards:
  1. Reducing the environmental impact of production processes
  2. Social investments
Main goals

We do the sourcing and the logistics that takes the weight off our client’s shoulders by locating and exporting Canadian and American manufactured goods and services. We broker opportunities and have a commitment to generate sustainability that ensures we build the capacity of those that we trade with and the regions where we are conducting business.


In 2010, the ISO released recommendations, ISO 26000, to help and encourage companies implement corporate social responsibility (CSR). Although CSR practices are typically implemented by larger enterprises due to their long reaching influence and visibility, these are practices all companies should integrate no matter the scale of their operations. Wicari demonstrates its CSR through its partnership with Friends in Toronto (FIT) Community Services. By working through FIT, Wicari is able to support the development of the individuals and families of the communities within which it operates. FIT has a history within the City of Toronto that spans over a decade and a half; having started as a grass roots organization and expanding to international efforts presently. By adopting FIT’s mandate the Wicari-FIT partnership is creating FIT individuals to create FIT communities.

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